Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sphynxlover.etsy.com: Jewelry recently created

sphynxlover.etsy.com: Jewelry recently created

Princess Froggy

Another one of my creations can be seen on sphynxlover.etsy.com where all handmade items come from. This set is made from green Chalcedony frame design and 8mm fushia Swarovski crystals and 4mm Swarvoski crystals ab. This set is named Princess Froggy.

Jewelry recently created

I have recently recieved a shipment of Turquiose Jasper, Agate and Jade rich in Autum color just in time for fall.

This pieces are made with rich African Turquoise with black Onyx topped with a focal bead made of lava stone. It is called African Queen.The earrings and necklace can be seen on my web site (sphynxlover.etsy.com) and more of my creations

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

professional seamstress

I have been sewing since my grandma brought home my little hand crank sewing machine! I have sewed for people through the years making custom made drapies, beadspreads,quilted comforters, wedding dresses, formal wear, dolls, clothes for children. I also have worked in a garment factory, and a tayloring shop. Worked for several year for Gossits Drycleaners for alterations and repairs. No job is tough for me! Got an idea tou want to materize in from of your eyes contact me! at sphynxlover.etsy.com no @ symbol in it or rickrack@centurytel.net Nedra Amys

professional knitter

I have been knitting since I was 12 years old. I am 54 years old. I can honestly say I have mastered knitting! I do sweaters with pattern or if I have an idea I will do one without. Really doesn't matter!I teach knitting to girl scouts and at the college occasionally!

Monday, June 30, 2008

jewerly semi precious jewels

Hi My web sign is www.sphynxlover.etsy.com. I make jewelry,do crewel kits, quilts, knit sweater, make crochet things and towel wedding cakes Ive been doing crafts for over 30 years and teach some as well. I do special orders. I make things to last! My family are all crafters and have always pasted down handy work from one generation to the next. So in a way I am keeping with my families traditions. Let me make you something special for a lover one,freind or even an aquantance you want to let them know you are thinking about! Nedra